Beach tennis

Beach tennis is quite young and new sport. But is developing very fast around the world. To play this game is enough to have some knowledge of volleyball or badminton or tennis.

So almost every kid by trying it just a few times can already play and enjoy. Professional beach tennis contains a lot of acrobatic jumps and furious points. Is real fun because the game is played on the sand so you can jump and fall as much as you want with out any problem!

History of beach tennis began in Italy, in the year 1978. So Italian players dominating this sport till now. But since 2008 the International Tennis Federation recognized it as a professional sport, so now in many countries around the world you can participate in those competitions. And play for International Ranking.
Since two years beach tennis started to develop in Mauritius. Now during the year people who have choose this sport have opportunity to play in ITF and Double Mixed circuit.

3 August 2014 every kid from Mauritius will have possibility to try this sport in the Open Tournament in Belle Mare. Asso Villa Club is organizing together with first Kids Beach Tennis tournament «Matrioshka and Petrushka Cup». The sign-in will be at the new beach tennis facility of «Asso Villa» till 10 30.

The size of the playground is 8x8m. The hight of the net is 1.70m. Only one try for service. Is not allowed to play from bounce. The score is just like in tennis, but with no advantage. You count normally 15/0, 30/0, 30/15…e.t.c But when the score is 40/40, who win deciding point win the game. All matches will be played with referee, so no confusion will be in the game!
This game gives a lot of positive emotions, develop coordination, makes your body more healthy!