Tournament history

The top of any training activity is participation in the competitions. Thanks to tournaments it is possible to increase interest of people to tennis and healthy lifestyle.The tournaments «Dream Cup» take place since 2006. <!—more—>Then the children’s competitions «MegaFon Dream Kids Cup» on courts of the Children’s tennis center were for the first time organized. In the 2008th the charitable competitions «Childhood Cup Summer with Megafon» took place. In this tournament took part not only children, and also the strongest juniors of Petersburg, amateur tennis players, cultural figures and politicians. Among participants of tournament were: Olympic champion Svetlana Zhurova («Cup of Dream 2007»), known artist Ivan Slavinsky (2009, 2010), participants of the musical project «Fabrika» (2008).

In 2011-2012 the children’s tournament «Grand Palace Sport Dream Cup» has passed which enters a calendar of the Russian tennis round. In the fall of the 2011th year it carried out for boys 10 years aren’t more senior, and in 2012-м– isn’t more senior 12.



The competitions «Dream Cup Pro-mixt» among the mixed couples were held from the 2008th to the 2011th year. On the «Dream Cup Pro-mixt 2011 St. Valentine’s Day in Tennis» tournament the prize fund made 125 000 rubles. In «pro-mixt» almost all professional players of St. Petersburg took part. Including Mikhail Elgin — the outstanding Petersburg tennis player, the only representative of our city on the international scene who managed to win the ATP tournament (A Kremlin Cup 2013, in the pair category together Denis Istomin). In «Dream Cup Pro-mixt Summer 2010» took part the Russian tennis-player Lina Krasnorutskaya known for the whole world. And in February, 2012 the «Dream Cup St. Valentine’s Day in beach tennis» tournament took place.

One of the most significant events of Dream Cup – professional female tournaments of the category ITF with a prize fund of 10 000 USD which were organized four times (the last — in 2010). For last years tens Petersburg tennis-players took part in competitions: for example, in 2009 from 64 sportswomen 18 were from the Northern capital. Then ITF «MegaFon Svetlana Dream Cup-2009» final (it is called in honor of Svetlana Kuznetsova) was reached by the talented Petersburg tennis-player Polina Vinogradova.

In 2013 the international tennis tournament of ITF of the category Futures «Dream Cup Old Shcool» in which tennis players from Russia, Republic of Belarus, Italy, Germany and the USA participated took place. The Petersburger Alexander Vasilenko (17 years) and the pupil of VDTA Timur Razmaitov (16 years) reached to a floor — and a quarterfinal of competitions, respectively. After that Vasilenko’s success got to number 900 of the best tennis players of the world, and Razmaitov became the youngest professional tennis player of Russia. In this tournament Andrey Cherkasov — the legendary Russian tennis player, took part in the past entering the twenty of the strongest players of a planet.



For years of existence more than 900 athletes took part in tournaments of the Dream Cup series from 23 countries of the world. Now «Dream Cup» will be organized by professional competitions of the NEC ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour series, competition for tennis players wheelchair invalids. People participate in these tournaments with the damage musculoskeletal device (DMD). ITF Wheelchair tennis tour passes in more than 30 countries of the world. It is considered the most important Paralympic tournament, then on the importance four tournaments of a series of the Grand Slam follow.

The first international tournament for people with damage of the musculoskeletal device took place within female Petersburg «ten-chiliarch» of ITF «MegaFon Dream Cup 2010» on courts of the sports Zhest complex. Athletes took part in those competitions from Russia, Baltic, Ukraine and Israel. Anatoly Yakovlevich Polyatykin – «engine» of the Petersburg tennis on carriages became the winner. This person brought a huge contribution to development of this sport in our city.

For the first time, not only in Petersburg, but also in the All-Russian history of tennis on carriages, the International professional competitions among men, women and juniors took place on courts of the Vsevolozhsk Nursery of Tennis Academy in 2011.



Competitions were initiated by the director general of the Petersburg newspaper editorial office «Sport-Express» Sergey Syrov and the Megafon company. The Petersburg tournament of the ITF series was included in the category Futures and its prize fund made 2000 dollars.

However this year the International federation of tennis raised tournament level to Grade 3 – in the new status of competition will take place in the fall of 2014, and the prize fund will make already 10 000 USD. Athletes took part in NEC ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour «MegaFon Dream Cup» from Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Israel, Poland and the Czech Republic. The age of participants of tournament was from 16 to 64 years.

Games for tennis players wheelchair invalids take place in single and pair categories among men, women and juniors. All meetings consist of three sets with «time-breaks», and are built on Olympic system with draw of all places. Rules same, as in usual tennis, except one exception: it is authorized to «wheelchair invalids» to return a ball after two rebounds. Points scored with players at competitions, can give the chance to them to participate in the international tournaments and even Paraolimpiysky games.

The most successful Petersburg tennis-player on a carriage – Polina Shakirova who in 16 years became the winner of the first NEC ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour «Megafon Dream Cup» tournament in 2011, passed in VDTA. She also became the champion of Russia in couple and the finalist in the single category, won on Australian Open and many other prestigious international competitions.


In the 2013th year Polina was awarded awards of «the Russian Cup» as the best Russian tennis-player. To Polina Shakirova the similar award was handed over to exclusively great tennis-players: To Anastasia Myskina, Elena Dementieva, Maria Sharapova, Svetlana Kuznetsova and another. Polina finished the 2013th year on the 1st position in a junior rating of ITF and in the rank of the 28th racket of the world among women.

All tournaments «Dream Cup» were organized and carried out proceeding from requirements of the Petersburg tennis for the concrete period of time. Our team hopes that our tournaments helped and will help tennis development as a whole. So, the idea of competitions for people with damage of the musculoskeletal device arose because of lack of such tournaments in our city. Very much pleases that fact that now in the city on Neva competitions for players of any level and age are held. I wish to our tennis to reflect on young beginning tennis players. The number of players such level as Svetlana Kuznetsova, Mikhail Elgin, Polina Shakirova speaks about the general high level of the strongest tennis players of St. Petersburg.

Carrying out tournaments in which at the same time on courts adjoining with each other will act as professionals, so juniors, veterans and fans — is very important for further development and tennis promoting in St. Petersburg. Our city doesn’t have a community on the average and initial level of professional tennis. Yes, the tennis public has opportunity fully to communicate during tournament of ATP round of St.Petersburg Open, but only on tribunes. Such project as the club championship of St. Petersburg, in my opinion, is necessary today as air to our city. Attempt of revival of this competition in the 2013th and in the 2014th years gives the chance to meet not only on a tribune, but also on a platform. Association of the tennis public will allow to grow up many new champions! It is necessary to add that all professional competitions Dream Cup (except man’s «future» of Dream Cup Old School) took place at Valery Valeriyevich Lutkov’s refereeing (The chairman of a judiciary board of ITF, the owner of the gold ITF and ATP badges). V.V.Lutkov helps with the organization and carrying out a series of the MegaFon Dream Cup ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour tournaments. There is also his considerable merit that now this tournament came to world level.

V.V.Lutkov, Chief judge:

“Competition – quintessence of sports: to overcome itself and in fair competition to overcome the rival; to try forces, adequately to meet a victory and defeat. Tournament is life reflection».