World day of tennis!

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On the 3rd of March is World day of tennis!
People in love with tennis worldwide celebrate this day on court with a racket in the hands.
Everybody knows how play tennis in Australia, Europe, the USA, in well-known tennis regions. But the geography of our favourite sport can’t stop on it!!!
In the Indian Ocean, in one and a half thousand kilometers to the east from Madagascar, the paradise island of Mauritius settled down. With gold sandy beaches. With the turquoise, transparent and warm water, reliably protected by a ring of reeves from, sometimes, storming ocean. With unusually rich natural landscape, the island decorated with falls, mountain lakes, the dense woods….

Остров Маврикий
Population of the island of one million two hundred thousand people. It is five times less, than in St. Petersburg. The local population consists mostly of French, Hindus, Chinese, Creoles.
Mauritius — is the country loving tennis. It is worth looking at a calendar of local competitions only.
In total there are 12 internal championships in a year in which the Mauritius rating points are played , in them the French system of drawing up a tournament grid is used. Маврикий островLow rating players meet In the first circles, and with each circle fight is entered by more and more strong players. All these competitions are held at the same time in all categories, since girls and boys of 10 years and more young and finishing veterans 80+. Even sometimes only 2 persons in a grid, but none of category is not forgotten, and all have an opportunity to participate in competitions. The awards ceremony of winners and finalists is always accompanied by a huge holiday, can you imagine, fifty three couples cups stand on tables, shine beams of a victory and wait for the owners! ! ! Really sports holiday. All this passes in the friendly atmosphere. Champions in single, pair categories and the mixes from small kids to adults and veterans all together, with the audience and organizers: communicate, joke, exchange experience and emotions.

Травяные корты МаврикийIn February club national championship is played on Mauritius. Each club has the right to expose on one player and one
couple in all 53 categories! The circular system of draw of places in each group allows to carry out unimaginable quantity of matches. How it will be possible to hold so many games? Here organizers for the sake of implementation of so large-scale holiday of tennis took an unprecedented step. All matches are played for a while! 45 minutes one
Теннисные корты на острове Маврикийgame. The winner of group is that team or that athlete who managed to win in the sum bigger quantity of games in all forty five minutes considered. The last place in group receives one point, for each higher place one command point increases. The system, certainly is incredibly confused, and at first sight can seem to the absurd. But having participated in such command blitz duels, you understand that game for a while when each game matters at final calculation, brings huge pleasure. All matches are played with looking judges who first of all watch that There are two I love tennisjunior Mauritius ITF Grade 4 and Grade 5 tournaments held in August.
The free hotel is provided to players of the main grid. There is also one veteran tournament of the ITF series.

Tennis on carriages and beach tennis also develops on the island actively.
Players with violation of the musculoskeletal device strike with the diligence and devotion to sports as a whole and to tennis in
Tennis and loveparticular. In total four women and nine men on the carriages are playing tennis on this small island and it is very high rate.
Beach tennis is coming popular. In 2014 on Mauritius will pass one ITF Grade 1 tournament, one ITF Grade 2, five ITF Grade 4 tournaments. And in addition ten national competitions.
The 3rd of March tennis players of Mauritius celebrated in the unusual way, all had an excellent mood despite weather! The main thing is that representatives of tennis, beach tennis and tennis on carriages this day were all together and managed to play on sand, on a lawn and on hard court match in the rain! ! !
Here is how globally play tennis on the tiny island in a distance from continents.
All fans of tennis congratulations with the World day of tennis!